Search Term Report N-gram Analysis

This application performs an n-gram analysis of the search terms report from Google Ads


An n-gram is a sequence of n items from a given sample of text or speech, or a phrase of n words. An n-gram of size 1 consists of 1 word. An n-gram of size 2 consists of 2 words, and so on.

For example, the phrase "Search term report analysis" consists of three 2-word ngrams, "Search term", "term report", and "report analysis", and two 3-word ngrams, "Search term report" and "term report analysis".

Tool Description

This tool will pull out all of the n-grams of your chosen length from your search terms report. Then it will add up the count of appearances, add up the clicks, impressions, cost, and conversions for each search term where the n-gram appears, and calculate a click-through-rate and cost-per-conversion for each n-gram. It will return this data in a new csv file.

This allows you to see how phrases perform across all search queries, something that isn't easily visible from the report as it's given. It's useful for finding new negative keywords that exist as phrases within multiple search terms, and do not perform well in aggregate. It is also useful to find insights into how people are searching, or to identify phrases that should be performing well but aren't.


Download a search terms report from Google Ads in .csv format, select the file from your computer, choose your n-gram length, and press Analyze. The returned csv text will need to be split into columns in excel, delimited with semicolons.

The required columns in the search terms report are "Search term", "Cost", and "Conversions". It also works in German with the required columns being "Suchbegriff", "Kosten", and "Conversions".

Don't worry about removing any headers or totals rows, those will be ignored.

Depending on your upload speed, large files can take a while to upload. In Chrome you can see the upload progress in the bottom left of the browser. There is a 150MB file size limit.


Select your search term report csv file

Choose length of N-grams


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